Thursday, August 2, 2012


When I worked for KMB Countertops, I got this idea from a good friend named Carl to make clocks out of the Solid Surface material. KMB stood for Ken, Mark and Bill, the owners of the company. Ken is who I work for now in the Granite business. Mark is my uncle and Bill is Ken's brother in law. I worked at KMB for about 10 years and in the last 3 years of working there I made some clocks. Each one was different or better known as "a one of a kind", some just happened by accident, but most were designs I thought up. I had to learn to make each and every one of them and some were just stubborn and challenging! I made some money on a few of them, but mostly people just wanted them for free! I gave a lot away, they made nice gifts. I lost quite a few due to temperatures that made them break and I still have several left and in storage. The pictures show a lot of them without numbers, so use your imagination. Some are finished and show the creativity of each clock. I dont make clocks anymore, but a granite clock would be cool!

This is the first clock I made and I gave it to Carl for the idea!

This one is the 2nd and I gave it to my mother.

The wood in this one came from a pallet. I liked the knot in it and tore it apart to make this clock. Cool huh?

This one just happened by accident. I had another idea, but it ended up like this. I don't remember what I had in mind before, but this one was cool just how it ended up!!
I needed a tooth pulled, so I traded with my Dentist!

This one is in a recording studio in New Jersey. I had a friend and her uncle owns the studio. She had me make this and she payed me about $40 for it.

I still have this one and I use it around Halloween. I just need to finid the right creepy-crawlies for the numbers of the clock!!

Everyone tells me this one looks Japanese! It was easy and fun to make!!
My sister is holding this one. It's big of course and somewhat heavy, like 10 lbs. and I made $100 on it. It's still hanging on his wall!

Made with scraps!!

My first attempt of a cow design. I made 2 others and they both sold. It just so happens that I don't have pictures of them. If you like this cow design, I still have it!

If this one looks like it was hard to make, then your exactly right! The maple pieces would float and I had to push them down until the plastic hardened! I still have this one too and I love it!!
This one's base is a separate piece and my nephew, Blake said today "Elephant." Looking at it closer, the knot does look like an elephant!

This one is quite heavy and it cost me plenty! I had to pour the plastic twice to make it work and then I could never afford the time piece. That alone was $80 and the glass cover I wanted for it was $200. I still have it and it's still not finished, maybe one day. I made and designed table as well. I gave that too my sister and her husband for their wedding present.

This one is made out of a Cypress Tree Root. This is it's true color. The outside is very hard, but thin skinned. The inside is very soft and like cork and it stinks!! It grows in the swamp and that's what it smelled like when I cut into it!
I learned how to put things into the resin, like these Sacagawea dollars. The person who got this one took a hammer to it (right in front of me no less) and retrieved the money! Nice!!!
I also put things in the resin like...


A smiley face, ugly, but I got $120 for it...

A Black Widow Spider. I came into work one morning and Ken, Mark and Bill caught and put to death (by way of resin torcher), this spider! I kept it and one day it became the 6 for this clock! The guy who bought this clock only gets to display it on Halloween. The rest of the year, it stays in a box in a closet and if it comes out before Halloween, his wife will throw it out! He loves it, she doesn't!! I sold this clock when I worked at Walmart and it went for $150 which went to charity.
And finally...

This one sold for the most. It went for $275. The company my mother worked for had me make it for an employee which name has been erased. The blue was made with auto paint and it was also made to look like the company emblem. It turned out really nice and I hope the recipient liked it as well.
I made so many variations and I never really made any money out of them, except for the few, but it cost me more than it was worth, so I stopped.


  1. Wow Dave, I didn't realize you made so many of those things. They are amazing. I especially like the one that was made from scraps the best. It's very modern and hip looking. It looks like it belongs in an art gallery or an uptown chic studio apartment. Way to use your talents and enjoy this hobby.

  2. It is amazing how many clocks you made. Especially how each one is so unique. It's hard to say which one is my favorite, because I think they are all fantastic. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the neat things that you make.

  3. Your clocks are so beautiful! My Uncle--long gone now--use to make clocks out of slices of trees too. We feel very lucky to have one. My favorite of yours is the Cypress Root. It's so cool!