Friday, August 3, 2012

My 2nd Table

This is the 2nd try at making something unique! Fabian had been over to his friends shop and brought back some really nice red and black marble. The red marble was very expensive and the other is not as and more common than the red. The other shop had an extra piece, so Fabian brought them back to see if I could do something with them. I decided to checkerboard it somewhat, (with only 4 squares, the game would be over quickly), but I liked the design of black and red squares. The stone holding them together around the bottom perimeter is called Tan Brown and I had to use something, because the red and black was all but taken with only a few little pieces left! The edge is a waterfall edge or a half bullnose and I ground it down by hand. It wasn't hard to do, marble is significantly softer than granite, though it was hard to keep it's shape when polishing due to softer stone!

I had a few problems with it and one problem was that it broke in half and I had to try to put it back together. It worked better than I thought it would and it's very hard to tell where the break occurred. Once I got that done, I had to choose what kind of base I wanted under it. Wood is such a nice thing to work with and I really love all of the varieties that are out there. Usually, I like a lot of knots and holes anything where bugs have gotten in burrowed, eaten or damaged it. I feel that it gives it a lot of character, but I went with a plain old piece of a Redwood Fence Post. I covered it with Amber Schlack to give it a richer red color. Amy and I think that it looks very nice and it gives the room some nice color. This one is Amy's 2nd favorite, while her most favorite one is the Cherry Tree Plant Holder. This table is 23 1/4 inches tall and the top is roughly 17 5/8 inches square and an overall weight of 43lbs.

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